Brewed’s Flatbread Pizzas: Finger-Lickin’, Tooth-Sinkin’ Good

Brewed Cafe

I stopped by Brewed Café tonight to sample four of the six flatbread pizzas they’re providing for the Food Slam. The Caitlin, topped with garlic, spinach, tomato, fresh basil, and provolone cheese, is packed with flavor. The Farm Boy is a succulent amalgamation of garlic, tomato, ham, and Swiss cheese. The Mexican Garden Pizza is a medley of black beans, jalapeños, onions, olives, and homemade salsa topped with cheddar cheese. And the Veggie Pizza Melt, Brewed’s original flatbread pizza, deliciously melds onion, green pepper, tomatoes, and black olives with provolone. All four are vibrant with freshness and richness. All four tumble with toppings and flavor. All four are better than most pizza joint pizzas. So if you plan to be a vampire this October, don’t let Brewed’s heavy use of luscious garlic deter you from their savory pies. Like the neck of a mortal in a Hammer film, these flatbread pizzas will be waiting for you to sink your teeth into them on October 2.

–Erin Harris


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