Rishi’s Title-Taking Teas

Rishi Tea

We here at WMSE are psyched for Rishi Tea’s interactive tea tasting at the October 2 Food Slam! Rishi will offer a tantalizing coldbrewed tasting of four of their finest teas. Rishi’s briskly-flavored Jade Oolong is smooth and crisp. Their Orange Blossom, a green tea blended with lemongrass, osthmanthus flowers, lemon myrtle, and essential oils of orange, lime, and tangerine, is light, delicate, and refreshing. Their Sencha green tea, rich and deep in flavor and antioxidant goodness, was a World Tea Champion at the 2008 World Tea Championship. And their Cinnamon Plum, rife with the sweet and spicy flavors of autumn, stands tall as a 2009 World Tea Champion, flexing its muscles and raising its fists in triumph a lot like the Royal Rumbler burger. Rishi’s refreshing, invigorating teas will make you jump up and down in the ring in anticipation alone. So slam those gloves on and get yourself a ticket to the food event of the year. Don’t say “I could have been a contender,” take the title shot, taste some succulent food and beverages, and hear the crowd roar!

–Erin Harris


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