Eatin’ Good at Sweet Ol’ Maxie’s Southern Comfort

2topbar2Whoo wee! I stopped by Maxie’s Southern Comfort tonight to taste their Food Slam offerings and met with extraordinary hospitality and some of the finest food in the city. Maxie’s is dishing out a whole slew of Southern delights. Their cornbread is light, fluffy, buttery, and sweet even before you spread on the luscious butter that’s whipped with honey and orange juice. Their Eastern North Carolina pulled pork, rubbed with spices, infused with a rich vinegar-based sauce, and slow-smoked to succulent tenderness, is steeped with layer upon layer of flavor. Their blackened chicken and grits dish is topped with Cajun tasso sauce, a deep reduction of cured, rendered, slow-cooked ham, clam stock, garlic, spices, and cream. And their house slaw with fennel is at once fresh, crunchy, and creamy. So make sure ya’ll have a light dinner on October 2 cause you’ll be eatin’ high off the hog for supper!

–Erin Harris


One Response

  1. MMMMMMMMMMMaxie’s makes my mouth water!!!!!!! Marvelous menu, magical mojito, and maximum Guiness memories, not to mention a mean Key Lime Pie…. can’t wait to try their stuff at the MSE Food Slam event.

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