Nanakusa’s Luscious Sushi

Golden scallop rolls

Golden scallop rolls with wasabi, soy, and mayo dressing

I visited Nanakusa tonight and sampled the spicy tuna, salmon, ebi q (cucumber and shrimp), kappa (cucumber), yamagobo (pickled mountain burdock), and golden scallop rolls they’re providing for WMSE’s Food Slam. The tuna and salmon are like buttery velvet wrapped in their silken nori skins; the kappa and ebi q are bright and refreshing; the yamagobo are deliciously smoky and sour; and the golden scallop rolls are crisp and creamy, combining the heavenly texture of panko-crusted scallops with the smoothness of cream cheese and the butteriness of usuyaki tamago—thin, crepe-like omelettes into which the scallops are rolled. Together these outstanding maki sate a Slammer’s need for flavor, texture, savory aroma, gasps of enjoyment, and beauty in color as Nanakusa rolls its superlative quality in line with the Japanese philosophy that food should satisfy all the senses. On top of this, if we’re lucky, Nanakusa will also provide nasu no amakara-ni, caramelized Japanese eggplants in a succulently sweet and salty sauce that’ll make every Slammer swoon.

–Erin Harris


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  1. mmmmm!!!! i’ll be there

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