Usinger’s Savory Sausages and Cold Cuts

bg_topHungry Slammers unite! We here at WMSE are thrilled that the great Milwaukee heavyweights Usinger’s are, for the third consecutive year, providing a delicious array of sausages and cold cuts for the Food Slam on October 2. As at previous Slams, cold cuts, crackers, and hardwood-smoked summer sausages will be on hand for casual snackers. In addition, Usinger’s is going all out this year for those in search of heartier fare. Get set to dig in to Wisconsin tradition with sauerkraut and Usinger’s famous brats. Prepare to sink your teeth into the heart and soul of Old Milwaukee with some good old-fashioned beer brats. And get ready to savor the flavor of fennel- and anise-spiced Italian sausages with green peppers and onions. Usinger’s outstanding, robust, and well-seasoned beef and pork favorites are calling your name. So strap on the old feedbag and come relish these hearty, mouthwatering traditional würstchen, ja!

–Erin Harris


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