Yes Soup for You!

Curried lentil soup at Soup's On

Curried lentil soup at Soup's On!

I stopped into Soup’s On! today and got a taste of the extraordinary vegan curried lentil soup they’ll be featuring at this year’s Food Slam. Fragrant and delicious with the freshness of lemon, this soup is packed with hearty lentils, tomatoes, and onions and comes topped with fresh cabbage, spinach, cilantro, and grated carrot. The cabbage adds crunch while the carrot lends a quality of savory sweetness to the succulent yellow lentils. Soup’s On! is also offering a scrumptious vegetarian Waldorf pasta salad with celery, toasted walnuts, apples, cranberries, and a sweet and tart cranberry dressing, which will perfectly compliment that crisp autumn night on which we all come together to celebrate great food and awesome music. Additionally, Soup’s On! is lending a bit of mystery to the Slam–not until the night of the event will they pull the lid off the pot and reveal their steaming secret second soup offering. So bring your spoon as well as your detective set, Mr. Holmes, and get your Slam on at the Eisner on October 2!

–Erin Harris



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