Bid for Boerner Passes!

834Not only will a ticket to WMSE’s 8th annual Food Slam get you on the inside track to tasting a fabulous array of fine vittles from twenty-five of Milwaukee’s tastiest restaurants, it will let you fill your ears with the sublime spinnings of WMSE DJs Tom Wanderer and Shopkeeper Ken, and it will allow you to bid on fun and unique items in the silent auction! Bid on killer goods like an original Dwellephant masterpiece, a one-year pass to all shows at Mad Planet, or season passes to Brew City Bruisers games. We’re especially thrilled that Boerner Botanical Gardens is offering a one-year family membership to the Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens, which will get you two membership admission cards for two adults and three children under 17, as well as five one-time guest passes. So come on over to the Eisner on October 2 to tune in, chow down, and do your bidding in support of your favorite community-powered radio station, 91.7 FM. Woot!

–Erin Harris


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