Kenzoil Crostini and Community Support Day at Whole Foods!

wfphoto1Our pals at Whole Foods are working to support WMSE in so many ways we can barely count them on one hand. First off, this being the official Food Slam blog, we must discuss the killer crostini you see pictured above–the crostini that’s making your mouth water and your stomach growl in anticipation of the food event that’s gonna rock your taste buds in just ten days! Heirloom tomatoes, local mushrooms, and SarVecchio parmesan cheese will be served atop fresh, organic, Whole Foods-baked bread. The superstar in this edible ensemble is the succulent Kenzoil, a magical medley of extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil, garlic, and spices made in Michigan by a guy named Ken, who, rumor has it, will be at the Food Slam in person (!) representing his magnificent, pun-tastic, yum-tastic, savory, delicious olive oil. Whole Foods’ Autumn Faughn and company will be sautéing the mushrooms on site in Kenzoil over propane-fired burners, filling the Eisner with a sumptuous aroma, shaving slices of rich, delicious, Wisconsin-produced parmesan cheese, slicing juicy tomatoes, and topping it all off with cracked red and cubeb peppercorns. These crostini are so delicious, so end-of-summer-fresh, and so delectable that you will no longer be wearing socks after your first bite.

We here at WMSE are also ecstatic that Whole Foods has deemed the station the recipient of Community Support Day, which is taking place today from 8AM–10PM. Everyone’s gotta eat, so stop into Whole Foods today to stock up on grub because five percent of today’s net sales will be donated to WMSE! Pop in to shop and enjoy live local music in Whole Foods’ café. Tune in to the station and hear fun cut-ins broadcast live from Whole Foods. Good times!

Also exciting is the word on the street that the cats at Rishi Tea will be offering samples of their four all-natural tea leaf powders at Whole Foods today. Buy one box of tantalizing tea and an entire buck goes to support 91.7 FM WMSE!

Additionally, don’t forget that WMSE is also the recipient of Whole Foods’ One Dime at a Time program. So what the hay? Save a sack, pack your goods in your own grocery bag, and request that your ten cent refund be donated to the station! Cheers! Santé! Prost!

–Erin Harris



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