Food Slam 2010!!!

Yee haw, Milwaukee! There’s just two weeks till the ninth annual WMSE Food Slam! Yes, sir, in just two weeks, the same folks who air the most di-verse and doggone damn fine tunes in Milwaukee–those very same folks–they’re once again bringin’ together twenty-five of the city’s tastiest restaurants to serve up the best dang grub in town. If you dig WMSE’s smorgasbord of blues, reggae, hip hop, classic rock, classical, free jazz, electro beats, garage rock, and on and on and on–not to mention the deep cuts, the B-sides, and the three-hour programs of, say, obscure German post-punk–if you dig that kind of variety–then your senses are going to explode when you step into the Grohmann Museum on October 1 and you see the spread and you smell the wafts of heavenly goodness. An ocean of food and adult beverages will spread before your eyes, and you will glide from table to table, diving in to Ball’N Biscuit’s empanadas, McBob’s mini reubens, Times Square’s pizza, and Nanakusa’s sushi–all while doin’ good for the community, supportin’ the station with your $30 contribution, and soakin’ up the tunes spun by WMSE favorites Wax Addicts and that beach-baby beat-cat Mr. Tom Wanderer–you know, that far-out daddy-o who really knows how to lay a patch of sweet sonic delights.

In the meantime, fasten your seat belt and hold onto your hat as local writer Erin Harris whisks you off on a lightning-quick, Indy-500-style whirlwind preview of the awesome vittles and delectable libations to be had at this year’s Slam. Keep your eyes peeled to this here blog to check out reviews and photos of all the chocolates, cakes, puerco en adobo, soup, tamales, and brisket that’ve got your name on ’em.

And until that delicious evening two weeks from now, sate your hunger with the burger that that cat down there under this text is advertising for. If that badass dude sittin’ on top of the pig down there looks to you like his wallet is the one that says bad motherfu**er on it, that’s because it is. Dude is stacked with a ridiculous amount of deliciousness from BBQ pork to beef to bacon to sausage to a fried egg. And if he looks like he’s gonna take a sledgehammer to your heart, don’t worry. He’s a real health nut. He’s got some lettuce there in between those two chunks of tasty meat.

–Erin Harris


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  1. […] to business, though. Specifically: the business of looking (and feeling) good. Food Slam will make your belly feel good. And full. But if you eat like I do, you’ll walk away with a […]

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