Chin Drippin’ Flavor Down at Milwaukee Landmark Jake’s Deli

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All right Milwaukee . . . Slap on the cuffs and throw me in the clink cuz I’d never been to Jake’s Deli till today. The local landmark’s corned beef is so tender, so juicy, and so flavorful that any carnivorous Milwaukeean who hasn’t had the pleasure of making its acquaintance should be tried for crimes against deliciousness. The corned beef melts in your mouth. The seeded rye, locally made at Miller Baking Co., explodes with flavor. The Jake’s-made pickles finish each bite with a zest that sparkles like a lip smackin’ gem. The place itself, with its original fixtures down to built-in bells you used-ta could press to call for service, has gone pretty much unchanged for over sixty years. It’s almost a shame that Jake’s old-school atmosphere can’t be transported to the Grohmann for the food event of the year on October 1, but the Grohmann itself is pretty groovy, and the soul of Jake’s is infused in its hand-cut slices of juicy succulence. So put your fedora on, jet over here to tap the time machine, and shoot back to an era where fast food was good food!

–Erin Harris


2 Responses

  1. Best. Corned beef. Ever!

  2. […] were lucky enough to hit the Slam last October, you’ll recall that we’ve got a kinda tradition of savoring at the food event that rocks your taste buds every fall. Crispy toasted rye bread, tangy mustard […]

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