Shuck It All, These Oysters Rock!

Fresh Oysters on the Half Shell

Hey, Casanova, strut into the Food Slam at MSOE’s Grohmann Museum on Friday, October 1 and set your senses ablaze with Molly Cool’s fresh oysters on the half shell. The Old World Third Street tavern’ll be settin’ Slammers up with two varieties of luscious oysters from Maryland and Dabob Bay. Drenched with fresh lemon, the magnificent mollusks ooze a briny sensuality that’ll light your fire as surely as a couple glasses of Trapiche’s wines’ll give you fever all through the night. Not only are the cats at Molly Cool’s gonna shuck oysters on site, they’re also dishin’ out their signature hot crab and spinach dip, which ain’t no slouch itself. Rich, creamy, salty, and succulent, it’s a pretty perfect pairing to the classic aphrodisiac known as the oyster.

Word on the street is that Food Slam tickets are just about half sold out, so if you’re not yet a proud ticket holder, you’re gonna wanna shoot over here and grab a pass to the food event that’s gonna rock your taste buds and maybe your whole night. Yeah, you can indulge in Molly Cool’s delights any night of the week–and hells yeah you should!–but if you bring two nonperishable food items to the Slam to support the Hunger Task Force, you can start the night off right with a free drink!

–Erin Harris

Heavenly Hot Crab and Spinach Dip


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