McBob’s Award-Winning Reubens

McBob's Mini Ruebens

I stopped into McBob’s tonight and sampled the mini Reubens they’re throwin’ down at the WMSE Food Slam next Friday, October 1. It’s no surprise that Milwaukee Magazine repeatedly commends McBob’s with its Critics Choice award. The lean, moist, delicious corned beef on buttery toasted marbled rye is slathered to perfection with sauerkraut and horseradish mustard. The rye is crisp and crunchy. The corned beef is juicy and well seasoned. The sauerkraut is bright and pungent. The horseradish mustard kicks like a mule. Together these ingredients tell your taste buds why McBob’s has a national reputation for outstanding grub. Hands down the good folks at McBob’s bring their A game to the creation of this magnificent sandwich. So get your Food Slam tickets here and wash a couple of these bad boys down with some fine Milwaukee Brewing Co. suds!

–Erin Harris

Click here for tickets!


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  1. […] today’s post by cursing Food Slam blog writer Erin Harris, for teasing me with that photo of McBobs’ delicious reuben sandwich. Nevermind that the sandwich is a million times more delicious than what I had for lunch. I’m […]

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