Spook Them Grits!

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Them good ol’ boys down at Maxie’s Southern Comfort set me up tonight with some of their famous Southern hospitality and a sweet spread of the three delicious dishes they’ll be servin’ up at the WMSE Food Slam next Friday, October 1 at the Grohmann Museum on the campus of MSOE. First up is the shrimp & grits, an outstanding fusion of buttery grits; deep, rich Cajun tasso sauce; and Gulf shrimp. I could say that the grits are what rock this dish–the way their creamy-smooth texture melts in your mouth–or I could say that the perfectly tender shrimp are what make this concoction taste like a million bucks–or I could say that the tasso sauce, that rich reduction of spices and cream and slow-cooked ham, is what makes you wanna yell yee-haw. But it’s the combination of all of the above that compels you to kick your heels. Next up is jambalaya, that classic medley of shrimp, andouille, chicken, and rice. The holy-trinity base of onions, bell peppers, and celery, together with a barrel o’ Creole seasonings such as cayenne and thyme, gives this dish its depth. And last but not least is the vegetarian jambalaya with red beans and tofu, which ain’t no slim pickin’ cuz the smoked tofu is dynamite. Yes, sir, there’s a lot to be said for smokin’. Whoo-wee, smoked food’s got flavor, and Maxie’s brings it way down home. So hey ya’ll, all you Earls ‘n Billy Bobs ‘n Wendy Sues ‘n Emmelines out there, get on down to the Food Slam and fill your plate with Maxie’s bevy of Southern delights!

–Erin Harris


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