Handcrafted Heaven at Times Square Bistro & Pizzeria

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I stopped by Times Square Bistro & Pizzeria, that oasis of deliciousness that glows like a beacon in the cultural desert that is that strip mall on the corner of First and Bruce. There I sampled heaven in a baking dish in the form of penne al forno. The pasta baked with provolone and tomato sauce would be outstanding on its own, but the savory homemade meatballs really bring it home. Like most of the delights at Times Square, they’re lovingly crafted by owner, chef, chocolatier, and all around Renaissance man Sean Henninger. I also sampled four of Sean’s artisan chocolates, which made me swoon with delight. Two were caramels–one covered with dark chocolate and sprinkled with fleur de sel–and one covered with white chocolate and lightly finished with black sea salt. The caramel and the chocolate coatings are made from scratch and bear the perfect degree of sweetness, which is drawn out with subtlety and an edge of mystery by the deep, mineraly flavors of the sea salts. The blue chocolate in the bottom left corner of the photo–the one that’s making you feel faint with longing–is a whiskey-and-macadamia chocolate that’s like pudding inside. The fourth chocolate is so succulent that it’s a portal to a different universe. Come to the Slam on October 1 and taste what scrumptious majesty that universe is made of!

–Erin Harris


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