Slingin’ Hash Down at Blue’s Egg

Blue's Corned Beef Hash, Poached Eggs, & All the Fixins

Forget Who-hash, Dr. Seuss, we’re talkin’ ’bout corned beef hash down at Blue’s Egg. I stopped at the Tosa breakfast joint yesterday and tucked in to this savory stuff, as well as a trio of grapes, homemade preserves, and whipped butter, and a not-too-shabby bloody Mary garnished with a crisp slice of tasty bacon. Get down to the Slam that’s happening on Friday night and whet your whistle on Blue’s delicious cookies and their mouth-watering corned beef grilled with potatoes and onions and topped off with cage-free, locally sourced eggs that will likely be scrambled rather than poached (as they are in that delicious photo up there). Pretty freakin’ tasty, daddy-o! Click here to get tickets while you still can cuz as of 3 pm on Tuesday, there were less than 70 left and they were flyin’ out the door by the dozen!

–Erin Harris


One Response

  1. I am total agreement. The best corned beef hash ever!

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