Check Out Chili Lili’s Chili Bar’s Chili!

Chili Lili's Vegetarian Chili

Chili Lili's Chili Bar Owner Jay Schiek Proudly Talkin' Chili!

I  stopped by Chili Lili’s Chili Bar tonight and sampled the two styles of chili the tasty new Third Ward spice slingers are dishing out at the Food Slam this Friday. The Cincinnati chili with beef and a secret blend of spices including (but by no means limited to) cinnamon, nutmeg, and chocolate is layered with sweet and savory flavors that you’re really gonna wanna tuck into. The vegetarian chili with soy beans, eggplant, portobello mushrooms, and sweet and smoky mulato peppers is a knock-out, flavorful stew that’s packed with plenty of punch. I had Cincinnati over spaghetti and veg atop some tasty mac ‘n cheese, but down at the Slam this weekend, both’ll be served as miniature sloppy lilies–succulent sloppy-joe-sorta sandwiches on toasted lobster rolls–you know, those outstanding open-top rolls they serve lobstah in on the hahbah in that stunning state of Maine. Chili Lili’s is really rollin’ out the barrel of deliciousness, especially when you consider their slew of house-made salsas with chipotles, habaneros, and jalapenos. Spicy, limey, sweet, salty, and deep in flavor, made right on site and stacked with everything you want in a pack of fine salsas, this trio of tempting tastiness bears (as of tonight) Big Sam Spurhog’s seal of approval. Sloppy lilies and their salsa partners are gonna get big real quick, so get to the Slam on Friday so you can say you knew ’em before they were famous. Dee-lish!

–Erin Harris

Chili Lili's Cincinnati Chili


4 Responses

  1. the vegetarian chili looks gross!! i was in chili lilis for lunch a few days ago and the chili is below par. their “signature Cincinnati chili” is absolutely horrible. it tastes gritty and looks like dog food. i wouldnt serve this at a soup kitchen. if anyone o you are thinking about heading there for lunch, choose something else. youll thank me later!

  2. “marth stewart” – whatever, nice fake name loser. The veg chili is really great, I’ve already been there 3 times just to have that. Vegetarians should try it on the black bean burger – yum.

  3. I agree with Rebecca, “marth stewart” comments are way off. The chili is excellent. I’ve had several including the buffalo chicken …. my favorite. The place is easily missed, so drive slowly and keep your eyes open for it.

  4. Sampled the cinci chili the other day…. great stuff… excited to hit up the actual restaurant. Ignore “marth stewart” comment and form your own opinion…

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