Local Craftsmanship and Succulent Salamis

Bolzano Artisan Meats Owner and Charcutier Scott Buer Talkin' Handcrafted Salami

Hey you know when you write the official Food Slam blog, you get to jet around Milwaukee and meet cool people who are passionate about creating spectacular food–and my visit to Bolzano Artisan Meats today just might take the cake. I attended charcuterie school and learned about owner and charcutier Scott Buer’s process of handcrafting delectable dry-cured salamis. I tasted the Old School salami–rich, aromatic, vibrant with garlic and cracked black pepper; the Pamplona Runner salami–smoky, sweet, delicate, and melt-in-your-mouth spectacular; and the Fumetti salami–a smoked salami rife with extraordinary flavor. The enzymes created by the fermentation process turn the fats in the meat into jewels as soft and rich as butter, and the delicate seasonings swim with a succulence that lingers on your tongue while your palate begs for a luscious swig of wine or beer. So by all means, get down to the Food Slam on October 7th to taste these magnificent meats that are lovingly crafted with locally sourced ingredients.

Word of caution: Get tickets while you can cuz the Slam’s already over 30% sold out, and you don’t wanna be disappointed!

And check out this video of Scott talking about Wisconsin’s revival of its history of handcrafting great beer, cheese, and other artisan products. And speaking of local craftsmanship, feel the good vibes in the background tune by Milwaukee outfit Black Eagle Child. The song, from the Lobelia album, is called “Families Get Together.”

–Erin Harris


2 Responses

  1. Im hungry for the Food Slam! Cool song too. Thanks, MSE!

  2. […] Local Craftsmanship and Succulent Salamis […]

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