Classic Hand-Cut Goodness at Jake’s Deli

Jake's Scrumptious Chow. Clockwise From Left: Pastrami Dog, Assorted Meats, Reuben Sandwich

I stopped at Jake’s Deli today and dug into some mouthwatering grub. First up is the classic reuben sandwich, which, if you were lucky enough to hit the Slam last October, you’ll recall that we’ve got a kinda tradition of savoring at the food event that rocks your taste buds every fall. Crispy toasted rye bread, tangy mustard and sauerkraut, creamy thousand-island dressing, and juicy, hand-carved corned beef make up this time-honored work of genius. I also tried a pastrami dog, a killer new addition to Jake’s menu, comprised of luscious pastrami, a grilled hot dog, and Swiss cheese on a pretzel roll. And I sampled some lone meats–pastrami, corned beef, turkey pastrami, and salami. These meats are magnificently moist and savory on their own, and when you get ’em nestled in a Jake’s sandwich with all the fixins and the juice runs down your arm, you know you’ve tucked into something good. The latest word is that Food Slam tickets are 40% sold out, so if you love corned beef…if you revel in pastrami…if you relish deli goodness and old-school tradition, scoot over to Brown Paper Tickets and get yourself a pass to paradise while you can.

And check out this video of me, Food Slam blogger Erin Harris, giving up my anonymity and telling you just how sumptuous Jake’s reubens are. Thanks to Red Stuff for the use of their tune “Surf/Drag.”

–Erin Harris

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