Martita’s Magnificent Margaritas

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I was feelin’ down about the demise of summer till I tried Martita’s Guiltless Margaritas. One sip and I sailed away to a tropical paradise where the sun was shining, the waves were calm, and the tequila was flowin’. Throw back one of these good, good, good, good libations and get transported to a land of palm trees, sandy beaches, and a peaceful, easy feelin’. And whether you’re counting calories or just wanting to avoid a sugar-spun spike in your blood sugar, the agave nectar in these mixers is the perfect sweetener since it comes from the same blue agave plant as tequila. Martita’s mixers are made with stevia as well, which, like agave, has a lower glycemic index than cane sugar. So one serving of Martita’s Guiltless Strawberry Margarita Mix has just 25 calories, and one serving of the regular Guiltless Margarita Mix has just 5 calories. And you’re gonna wanna go easy on the liquid thermal units cuz Hector’s on Delaware’ll be throwin’ down their tasty tacos, which are the perfect pairing to these magnificent margaritas.

The sun’ll be shining at 6 pm on October 7, Milwaukee, but only at the Grohmann, where the Slam’ll be rockin’ till 10 pm. So get two tickets to paradise right here.

And instead of posting that Eddie Money song, I’ll share with you my favorite feel-good song ’bout booze ‘n sunshine–His Name Is Alive’s “Lemon Ocean.” It ain’t local, but it sure is lovely.

–Erin Harris


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