An Ocean of Deliciousness at Molly Cool’s Seafood Tavern

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I stopped down at Old World Third Street fish-slingin’ Molly Cool’s Seafood Tavern and tried the tastiness they’ll be showcasing at the Slam on October 7. First up is their signature hot crab and spinach dip, which is creamy, delicious, packed with Parmesan, and served with buttery, garlicky toast points for dippin’. Next up is their tuna tartare–diced raw tuna stacked up all tasty and fresh on homemade wonton chips with wasabi, soy sauce, and sesame oil. When the rich, deep, and salty flavor of soy sauce melds with the peppy kick of wasabi and saturates your tongue as the wasabi clears your sinuses and seems to go so far as to even clean your brain, it combines with the silky texture of tuna like nobody’s business. These tartare wontons got it goin’ on up in here, so I’m probably gonna eat about fifty of ’em on the night we all come together to eat to the beat of WMSE.

Food Slam tickets are just about 50% sold out, so if you plan to be one of 500 lucky attendees eatin’ and drinkin’ and havin’ a real good time on October 7, you gotta get your tickets before someone beats ya to the punch. So the gloves are off, Milwaukee–gird your loins, swing over here, and give ’em the old one-two.

–Erin Harris


More Burger Returns

Words by Ryan

The first veggie burger Comet and Honeypie have ever created for WMSE is a huge hit so far. This comment came through on Facebook this weekend from Erik R:

“WMSE Veggie Burger at Comet. Holy f*ing ball of YUM! Come on folks! Go get one. Or two. Yes, they also make a regular beef version, too.”

If you missed Erin’s detailed post about both burgers, here you go. Now, go eat as many as your belly and conscience will allow from now until September 30th.

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