Eat a burger, support WMSE

WMSE Development Director Justin Shoman at Comet Cafe

WMSE Development Director Justin Shoman at Comet Cafe

Once again the good folks at Comet Cafe and Honeypie  have created a couple delicious masterpieces to get us all geared up for the WMSE Food Slam. Two dollars from the sale of each burger will go to support WMSE, while all the calories will go to support your joie de vivre, some of which you may choose to exercise by coloring your placemat while you wait for your burger.

Someone is not so good at staying in the lines

Someone is not so good at staying in the lines


I admit, when I saw Hooks Creamery 5-year aged cheddar in the description of the Atomic Milwaukee Family Burger, my first reaction was to stop reading and just say, “Yup. Right there. Want that.” That is the cheese that would get me to give up State secrets if I had any. Throw in the Wisconsin grass-fed beef patty, compote made from Brightonwoods Orchards apples, bacon from Pritzlaff Wholesale Meats and, you know, the lettuce and you’ve got an ideal version of the classic withjust the right amount of sumthin’ extra. (Because every good atomic Milwaukee family has just enough crazy to make you love it just that much more.)

Every modern family needs a blue cat

Every modern family needs a blue cat


The no-animals-on-my-plate-please folks have something to be excited about too. The Modern Milwaukee Family burger knocks the meat-free patty on a bun thing out of the park. Even if you are the sort who tends to work around animal protein substitutes, that is to say the concept of “fieldroast” confounds you much the way a spork does, the Modern Family would be a great place to break new frontiers. I am so glad I was able to see through the pink cloud of food lust created by the Atomic to get on board with the Modern because I can’t honestly say which I prefer. Fieldroast hazelnut patty,  topped with pistachio relish – a condiment that gives ketchup and mustard a run for their money, veganaise and locally grown tomatoes and lettuce. It pretty much rocks and has changed the way I look at veggie burgers. Keeping with family theme, there is something very comfort food about this one, something Modern Mom or Dad would make you when you’ve had a rough day. So, if you are a carnivore who appreciates the full culinary spectrum, don’t choose just one; find a kindred spirit, order both burgers and split them. Thanks to WMSE Development Director Justin Shoman and Megan Daniels for getting on board with this plan and relieving me of the burden of having to make a painful decision.

Go get your burger on and then get your tickets for the Food Slam where you’ll be wrapped in even more love of food and WMSE.

Yours in nomnomnom,

Steph Kilen, Food Slam Blogger


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