Burger smack talk

I’m not naming names, but there’s been some smack talk regarding the Modern Milwaukee Family Burger (aka the veggie) and the Atomic Milwaukee Family Burger (aka the beef) and their gracious hosts Honeypie and Comet Cafe. It seems one venue and one burger are outdoing the others, and that one venue and one burger might be saying some stuff about the other burger and the other venue, but you didn’t hear it from me.

As of Sept 17:

Comet: 223 Atomic, 118 Modern

Honeypie: 115 Atomic, 76 Modern

So, you vegetarians in Bay View might want to up your game and you meat lovers on the East Side should not talk smack with your mouths full. Wherever you live and whatever you eat, you’ve got just until the end of the month to gobble up one of these treats for the love of WMSE.

Yours in the spirit of friendly competition,

Steph Kilen



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