Silent Auction Feature: Metal, Mark and Makin’ Stuff

Mark Winter and some of his minions

It’s an idyllic scene: A dozen wild turkeys waddle by, bees are busy at their hive, wild flowers envelope corpses of vehicles and machines, sparks fly and metal music blares. It’s the Menomonee Falls studio of artist Mark Winter and he is hard at work preparing for Plaza Art Fair in Kansas City, the prestigious SOFA Art and Design show and the WMSE Food Slam Silent Auction.

Amidst a collection of oil cans, a variety of metal objects and scraps (all organized neatly), animal skulls and things that shoot fire, Mark’s sculptures, charming and deviant at once, like their maker, hang out like a small army of misproportioned minions. Among others, there’s a slightly larger than life Billy goat, a sort of post apocalyptic minnie mouse with accessory weapons and Nodding Bob, for the silent auction, nodding agreement, understanding, impatience, to the beat of the music or just nodding off. You can see he has enough attitude to do whatever he wants.

Nodding Bob

Mark’s sculpture is just one of the many intriguing silent auction items awaiting your bid at at the Food Slam.

Mark is a long-time supporter of and volunteer for the radio station. “When I’m making art, music is very important to me,” he says, “There’s no other station in Milwaukee than WMSE that plays the music I need to make my art.” For example, Mark’s musical pairing: “The Soapmakers” by Clutch. “It’s got a good beat and when I hear it I jump up and down and I’m happy when I’m working. There’s no way you’d here that anywhere but WMSE.”


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