Anticipation Burger Task Force

The countdown to Food Slam has begun, and the anticipation is killing you. Nearly 30 local food vendors, a building full of cool people, plus paintings of gemologists, rope weavers and a guy performing surgery on himself – Come on! Of course you’re excited. But, a month’s a long time to dance around like a kid waiting for Santa. Never fear! Anticipation Burger Task Force is here to get you through until the big day.

Grab your wet-naps and forget about your waistline because Palomino  joins Comet Café  and Honeypie  this year in serving up the love for WMSE. Each restaurant is featuring two different burgers; one carnivore, one veg. That means six different burgers waiting for you throughout the city. Two dollars from the purchase of every burger goes to WMSE. If you eat all six, you will be the proud owner of a special edition foam finger that you can use to point to your belly as further proof of your commitment to the cause.

Adam Lucks and the chefs of each restaurant really knocked it out of the park this year. While I found whatever burger I was eating at the moment was my favorite, I must admit, even though I am a meat lover, the veg burgers really made me swoon. Grab a friend, or a stranger, and go halfsies; best of both worlds, no other-plate-envy, no spontaneous wrestling in the restaurants.

The Juicy Details



The Collections of Colonies of Beef burger is so great it doesn’t need bacon, but after all, it is Comet and well, you’ll be happy it’s on there. The patties are a mix of chorizo and beef. You could call it “berizo” or “choreef,” but either way, I call it delightful. Mild white cheddar, ancho ranch sauce and chimicurri add brightness and smoke and a little something to stick it all together. Musical pairing: “Lawn” Collections of Colonies of Bees

Smoked paprika feta. Like an earworm, these three words rolled around in my head for hours after eating the Def Farmonic burger. This veg burger is actually made of vegetables: roasted summer squashes, red pepper and onion mixed with chickpeas, cornmeal and carrot. Topped with heirloom tomato slices, sherry aioli and the aforementioned spiced cheese, the Def Farmonic is a delicious mess. Musical pairing: “My Own Devices” Def Harmonic



Do not be scared by the chili con carne, fried jalapenos and pepperjack cheese on the Call Meat Lightning. The combo is super flavorful, but will not give you hot mouth. This burger represents everything we’ve come to love about Honeypie; comfort food that is just a bit over the top. “We couldn’t just do jalapenos,” said Honeypie chef Eli Murphy. “We had to deep fry them.” Excellent idea. Musical pairing: “Soft Skeletons” Call Me Lightning

The Chickpea Flambeau is proof that a burger can be refreshing. A falafel patty topped with tabouli and lemon tahini dressing is light, but not lightweight. It’s a really satisfying version of the classic Middle Eastern combo. Musical pairing: “I Don’t Want to Be an Eddy” Couch Flambeau



Welcome to the Anticipation Burger Task Force, Palomino! We’re so glad you joined us! The Compound Red Meat burger is all sorts of Southern spin goodness. You had me at fried green tomato and sealed the deal with the bacon, poblano relish and house made beer vinegar aioli. The toppings themselves would make a great sandwich, but they don’t over power the flavor of the grass-fed beef patty. Musical pairing: “J Hates Too” Compound Red


If you have had a bad day, John the Sandwich will snuggle you up with its tasty walnut patty and distract you from your troubles with its collard green and summer vegetable kimchi and sriracha veganise. You should try it even if you’re in a good mood. It’s comfort food that’s also a mouth party. Musical pairing: “Jungle” John the Savage

There you have it; plenty of instant gratification for you while you cross off the days to September 13th.  Go forth and eat! (And get your Food Slam tickets!)

by Food Slam blogger, Steph Kilen


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