Burger with a View at Milwaukee Ale House

Milwaukee may not have the most impressive skyline (Milwaukeeans are really not folks to boast) but around town you can find dozens of really lovely views of the city that show you what she’s made of. One such view can be found on the deck at Milwaukee Ale House. To the north, the business of the city, to the south the industrial buildings of the third ward. The river flows past connecting the old and the new and across the way, so does the rail line. It makes you feel at home and connected to a past Milwaukee – a port city, a brewery town, an industry hub. It makes you feel good…and hungry, and maybe like it might be a good time for a beer.

The view from Milwaukee Ale House deck

The view from Milwaukee Ale House deck

Milwaukee Ale House popped up in the Third Ward in the late ‘90s at the beginning of the district’s renaissance and has been serving up their Milwaukee Brewing Company beer, straight-forward American food and good times to the ever-changing and growing population of workers and inhabitants of the neighborhood (and even folks from out in the suburbs) ever since. It can be a hoppin’ place at night, especially when there is live music, but the deck is a beautiful respite from the office on a weekday afternoon, as WMSE Development Director Justin Shoman and I can attest.

Justin is pretty excited about this burger

Justin is pretty excited about this burger

It felt like a burger kind of day. Justin ordered the North Star Burger with gorgonzola, bacon and his own special addition: “You gotta have fried onions on a blue cheese burger. Everybody knows that,” he said. I pretended to know nothing of cholesterol and ordered the farmhouse burger special with applewood-smoked Carr Valley cheddar cheese, bacon and a fried egg. They were so good Justin managed to sign into The Clean Plate Club even though his burger was a hand length tall. (I had the good sense to leave a little on my plate.) This is clearly the place when you have a hankering for a really good version of a classic dish like spinach and artichoke dip, blackened chicken sandwich, tenderloin steak sandwich or pot roast, among many others. The menu features nine salads; that’s a bonus for when you are feeling the opposite of a farmhouse burger.

oh yes I did.

oh yes I did.

Plates cleared, I knew what Justin was thinking. “No, we can not sit here all afternoon and drink beer,” I said.

He groaned and wrinkled his nose. “But can we sit and enjoy the view a little longer?”

“You bet.”

Justin’s musical pairing: Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys – Orange Blossom Special

Here’s why in his own words: “A beautiful summer day with a beer and a burger on a riverside patio watching trains go by is about as an American experience as apple pie so I had to pick a bluegrass tune. Who better than the father of bluegrass, Bill Monroe.  I’ve always loved trains, and the countless country and bluegrass songs about boxcars and ramblers make me want to hop the rails every time I see one.  If you don’t see me at the Food Slam, I’ll be living a hobo’s dream.”

by Food Slam blogger Steph Kilen


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