Mixing It Up with Martita’s Guiltless® Margaritas

Guiltless ® sangria and  cucumber margarita

Guiltless ® sangria and cucumber margarita

Martha Manske has a passion for margaritas, but not for calories. Of course, she is not alone. But rather than denying herself her cocktail of choice or foregoing the food that goes with the drink (not a good idea), Martha took matters into her own hands and started Martita’s Guiltless® Margarita Mix. With just 10 calories per 5 ounces of mix, when you add tequila, a 6 ounce margarita is just 85 calories. According to the authority Oprah.com, a regular margarita can run you 168-504 calories. A girl who suddenly finds herself eating burgers, BBQ samplers and a dish called “fat boy” on a regular basis appreciates such a thing. Martita’s Mixers contain natural sweeteners (and no sugar), flavorings and coloring and are gluten-free. And just in case you have fear of scurvy, each serving also contains 2720% of your daily value of vitamin C. You can up your vitamin intake even more if you, as Martha often does, throw some fruit in the blender with the mix and tequila. She likes to add mango and papaya and once even tried red pepper that she said was fun to try and “interesting,” but not destined to become a favorite. When I visited Martha, she made me a cucumber margarita that she will be featuring at the Food Slam. It was light and refreshing and perfect for a day when summer finally decides to show up in Milwaukee like it has something to prove. She was happy to share the recipe:

Guiltless Cucumber Margarita_edited-5

Joining the cucumber margarita in the lighten-up-in-taste-and-calories department is Martita’s Guiltless® Sangria. Equal parts Martita’s mix and red wine with some slices of fruit thrown in, it is more refreshing than a full glass of red. Stop by and see Martha at the Food Slam, she’s sure to be the one “guiltless” indulgence in the room.

My musical pairing: Peter Allen – “I Go to Rio”

When I have a margarita in my hand, it is hard for me not to dance and get a little cheeky. This tune has all the bounce, joy and fruitiness required. (Plus the performance featured in this video is 9000 kinds of fantastic.)

by Food Slam blogger Steph Kilen


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