Early Burger Returns

Photo from The Cakewalk blog

We’re only one full day into the burger promotion with Comet and Honeypie Cafes, but already we are seeing some great early returns.

From Twitter:

@roachcraft – “The new @WMSE burger (minus mushrooms) gets a thumbs-up; not an instant heart attack like past entries, totally unique, totally MKE.”

We can only assume that Mr. Roach will convulse and die if he eats mushrooms because we can’t imagine any other reason to exclude the mushrooms. Locally grown, delicious mushrooms, even.

From the Cakewalk Blog:

“I split the WMSE burger with Sasa since there is no chance I could eat the whole thing myself. It was great, but what was really exciting to me was this brussel sprout that was garnishing the “Old Milwaukee” style burger. I planted a solitary brussel sprout plant, which appears to be growing alright, if not a bit on the slow side. If I can’t glean enough to pickle, I will procure farmer’s market sprouts to make these spicy hot brussel sprouts!”

While Ms. Cake wasn’t ready to tackle the entire burger, as Mr. Roach said, this year’s burgers are much less heart-attack inducing than previous years’ creations. During our tasted test, all four testers were able to eat half of the Old Milwaukee and half of the New Milwaukee. As we said in the initial burger promotion post, “do what we did—cut ‘em in half, divvy ‘em up, and taste the best of both worlds.”

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