Good Times and Danke! Gracias! Cheers! Thanks! Ta! You Rock!

Good times were had by all at the 10th annual Food Slam this past Friday night. Thanks to all you spectacular Slammers for coming to eat, drink, bid, and support WMSE, making Friday’s fiesta the biggest, funnest, and successfullest Slam to date! And hey, check out that sweet video up there expertly shot in a […]

Food Slam! Tomorrow Night! Rock!

Hungry Slammers unite! A few things to keep in mind about the Food Slam that’s goin’ on tomorrow night from 6 till 10 p.m. at the Grohmann Museum on the campus of MSOE: There might be one or two tickets left. Sales stop tonight at six, so get down to the station before then if […]

Centro Cafe’s Luscious Lasagna

Riverwest’s smackdown, dynamite Centro Cafe is bringing its A game to the WMSE Food Slam this Friday at the Grohmann Museum on the campus of MSOE. For all you vegetarians who’ve had enough talk about salami and reubens and tuna and reubens and meat and meat and meat, chow down on Centro’s luscious lasagna layered […]

Anodyne’s Cuppa Mo-Joe

SCIENCE! And necromancy. I stepped down to Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. with the charismatic and magnificent Buzz, illustrious host of the great WMSE show Buzz’s Garage, and got a brewing demo and coffee tasting divined by coffee conjurer Steve Kessler. As you can see in that video up there, the siphon-pot demo was like some kinda mad, cool science experiment conducted […]

Outpost’s Deliciously Diverse Dessert Bars

Hey, check it out! Outpost Natural Foods is rollin’ out the barrel of tasty variety with a pleasing potpourri of delectable dessert bars to suit any taste and any diet. If you go-go vegan, they’ve got Chewy Granola Bars, packed with oats, raisins, peanut butter, walnuts, wheat germ, and sesame seeds. They’re crispy, nutty, sweet, ‘n good. […]

The Tom Wanderer Dining Experience at McBob’s Pub and Grill

Hey if you’ve got the radio on on Thursdays from 3 till 6 pm, you know and love WMSE DJ Tom Wanderer, host of The Tom Wanderer Radio Experience. You know, that real gone cat who really knows how to lay a patch of sweet sonic delights. I caught up with the good TW at […]

Radio Chow Time at SPiN Milwaukee

Tom squared, Slammers. Tom squared. I hit SPiN Milwaukee with WMSE station manager Tom Crawford one night, and McBob’s with DJ Tom Wanderer the next. TC and I saddled up to the bar at the table-tennis social club and tucked into some good stuff. We started out with the Taste of Wisconsin appetizer, comprised of […]

An Ocean of Deliciousness at Molly Cool’s Seafood Tavern

I stopped down at Old World Third Street fish-slingin’ Molly Cool’s Seafood Tavern and tried the tastiness they’ll be showcasing at the Slam on October 7. First up is their signature hot crab and spinach dip, which is creamy, delicious, packed with Parmesan, and served with buttery, garlicky toast points for dippin’. Next up is […]

Martita’s Magnificent Margaritas

I was feelin’ down about the demise of summer till I tried Martita’s Guiltless Margaritas. One sip and I sailed away to a tropical paradise where the sun was shining, the waves were calm, and the tequila was flowin’. Throw back one of these good, good, good, good libations and get transported to a land […]

Classic Hand-Cut Goodness at Jake’s Deli

I stopped at Jake’s Deli today and dug into some mouthwatering grub. First up is the classic reuben sandwich, which, if you were lucky enough to hit the Slam last October, you’ll recall that we’ve got a kinda tradition of savoring at the food event that rocks your taste buds every fall. Crispy toasted rye […]

Purple Door’s Perfect Four

Ice cream for lunch. You scream for lunch. We all scream for lunch. I stopped down at Purple Door Ice Cream’s production facility yesterday and had ice cream for lunch, and O, Sweet Succulence, let me tell you how good it is. The espresso flavor, made with beans roasted fresh at Anodyne, pops with a […]

Local Craftsmanship and Succulent Salamis

Hey you know when you write the official Food Slam blog, you get to jet around Milwaukee and meet cool people who are passionate about creating spectacular food–and my visit to Bolzano Artisan Meats today just might take the cake. I attended charcuterie school and learned about owner and charcutier Scott Buer’s process of handcrafting […]

Taste Both Old and New Milwaukee at Comet and Honeypie All September Long

WMSE and the fine cats at Comet and Honeypie are kicking off the month leading to this year’s Food Slam with not just one tasty, delicious burger, but two tasty, delicious burgers. So I, Food Slam blogger Erin Harris, headed down to Honeypie with station manager Tom Crawford, promotions director Ryan Schleicher, and development director […]

Tonight! Eat to the Beat of WMSE! Whoooo!

Yee haw, Milwaukee! Food Slam tickets are SOLD OUT! and WMSE is thrilled that the ninth annual Slam is going to be the biggest, funnest, and successfulest Slam to date. I caught up with Yokel Local outlaw Big Sam Spurhog and asked him to nail down the answers to a few FAQs about the food […]

Go Wisconsin Artisan Cheese!

Food Slam tickets are sold out and I feel real bad for everyone who’s gonna miss out on cheese enthusiast Laura Bucher’s cheese tasting tomorrow night. I met with Laura today and tasted four of the fabulous artisan cheeses she’ll be showcasing at the Slam. Les Freres, a European-style cheese produced by Crave Brothers of […]

Slingin’ Hash Down at Blue’s Egg

Forget Who-hash, Dr. Seuss, we’re talkin’ ’bout corned beef hash down at Blue’s Egg. I stopped at the Tosa breakfast joint yesterday and tucked in to this savory stuff, as well as a trio of grapes, homemade preserves, and whipped butter, and a not-too-shabby bloody Mary garnished with a crisp slice of tasty bacon. Get […]

Check Out Chili Lili’s Chili Bar’s Chili!

I  stopped by Chili Lili’s Chili Bar tonight and sampled the two styles of chili the tasty new Third Ward spice slingers are dishing out at the Food Slam this Friday. The Cincinnati chili with beef and a secret blend of spices including (but by no means limited to) cinnamon, nutmeg, and chocolate is layered […]

Food Slam Q & A

I sat down with Local Yokel outlaw Big Sam Spurhog and asked him a few questions about the upcoming WMSE Food Slam. A man of few words, he was a reluctant subject at first. Once I rolled him a cigarette and poured two shots of whiskey, he started talkin’ like a house on fire. The […]

Handcrafted Heaven at Times Square Bistro & Pizzeria

I stopped by Times Square Bistro & Pizzeria, that oasis of deliciousness that glows like a beacon in the cultural desert that is that strip mall on the corner of First and Bruce. There I sampled heaven in a baking dish in the form of penne al forno. The pasta baked with provolone and tomato […]

Get Your Veg On With Soup’s On!

We all know that WMSE presents a sonic fusion of diverse tunes, so naturally the deliciousness at WMSE’s annual Food Slam fundraiser embodies that same passion for diversity. Meat, meat, meat, you might think if you’ve perused the posts below, but fear not, Milwaukee vegetarians, cuz Soup’s On’s got you covered. I visited the Water […]

Spook Them Grits!

Them good ol’ boys down at Maxie’s Southern Comfort set me up tonight with some of their famous Southern hospitality and a sweet spread of the three delicious dishes they’ll be servin’ up at the WMSE Food Slam next Friday, October 1 at the Grohmann Museum on the campus of MSOE. First up is the […]

McBob’s Award-Winning Reubens

I stopped into McBob’s tonight and sampled the mini Reubens they’re throwin’ down at the WMSE Food Slam next Friday, October 1. It’s no surprise that Milwaukee Magazine repeatedly commends McBob’s with its Critics Choice award. The lean, moist, delicious corned beef on buttery toasted marbled rye is slathered to perfection with sauerkraut and horseradish […]

Shuck It All, These Oysters Rock!

Hey, Casanova, strut into the Food Slam at MSOE’s Grohmann Museum on Friday, October 1 and set your senses ablaze with Molly Cool’s fresh oysters on the half shell. The Old World Third Street tavern’ll be settin’ Slammers up with two varieties of luscious oysters from Maryland and Dabob Bay. Drenched with fresh lemon, the […]

Chin Drippin’ Flavor Down at Milwaukee Landmark Jake’s Deli

All right Milwaukee . . . Slap on the cuffs and throw me in the clink cuz I’d never been to Jake’s Deli till today. The local landmark’s corned beef is so tender, so juicy, and so flavorful that any carnivorous Milwaukeean who hasn’t had the pleasure of making its acquaintance should be tried for […]

Food Slam 2010!!!

Yee haw, Milwaukee! There’s just two weeks till the ninth annual WMSE Food Slam! Yes, sir, in just two weeks, the same folks who air the most di-verse and doggone damn fine tunes in Milwaukee–those very same folks–they’re once again bringin’ together twenty-five of the city’s tastiest restaurants to serve up the best dang grub […]

Good Times and Big Thanks!

Good times were had by all at the Food Slam this past Friday night. Thanks to everyone for coming to eat, drink, bid, and support WMSE! Big thanks too to the generous local restaurants, coffee roasters, tea vendors, and businesses that provided the magnificent grub and fabulous auction items. Personally, I have one regret. I […]

Eat! Drink! Bid! Tonight!

Yee haw! Tonight’s the night for Slammers to slam at the Food Slam! Come to the Eisner at 6 pm and taste the delicious dishes of twenty-five of Milwaukee’s most magnificent restaurants. In addition to the opportunity to taste fine foods and drinks, WMSE’s highly-anticipated 8th annual Food Slam offers Slammers a chance to bid […]

Flourless Chocolate Cake, Oh My!

Visit Eat Cake! at the Food Slam on Friday and get blown away by little squares of cheesecake and flourless chocolate cake, both topped with succulent buttercream and decorative chocolate pieces. Pop one of these suckers in your mouth and you’ll be beltin’: “Ooo these cakes–sweeter than honey!” But come quick–these puppies are gonna fly […]

O’Keefe’s House of Hamburg’s Slammy German Fare

If you’re a subscriber to WMSE’s weekly e-newsletter, you know that slammy is an adjective meaning “abounding in fun-time food festivities,” and O’Keefe’s House of Hamburg’s grub sure does abound in good times and tasty flavors. Get some tickets to WMSE’s Food Slam–going down this Friday at the Eisner–and whet your whistle on traditional German […]


Visit TLC Soup at the Food Slam at the Eisner this Friday and choose from Senegalese peanut soup, steak and black bean chili, and possibly a third offering. The steak and black bean chili is perfectly spiced with cilantro and mild poblanos, and beefed up just right with steak and ground beef. Their Senegalese peanut soup is rich […]